Note: The Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area is not a sanctuary for captive tortoises or found wild tortoises. This is a protected area with its own native population of wild tortoises. The release of captive tortoises or relocation of wild tortoises is punishable by law and can be fatal to the tortoises involved.


What’s New

Spectrum News Story

Recently the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area was featured in a short story by Spectrum News out of Palmdale. Check out the story here:


New Merchandise!

8" and 11" plush tortoises

8″ and 11″ plush tortoises

We are now selling plush tortoises in two sizes: 8″ and 11″. These items will also be sold at the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area during the spring naturalist season. Buy them here. We have also launched a new “Adopt a tortoise” program.


                                                                              Photo Credits: Freya Reder ©