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Spring Monitoring Season

It is well into our Spring season and with that comes land monitoring. The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee manages close to 8,000 acres of land throughout the Mojave Desert. Management of this land includes monitoring trips where we log important details such as diversity of plant life, any observations, signs, and indications of wildlife, observations of trespassing and illegal use of the land, etc. This information informs us of the wildlife biodiversity inhabiting the land and allows us to manage the land to ensure that further trespass is mitigated. Interested in becoming one of our land monitoring volunteers? Please e-mail dtpc@pacbell.net.

2016 Spring Work Party: A Success

On Saturday April 2, 21 volunteers came out to a newly acquired parcel of land located next to the nremovalew Springbok Solar Farm outside California City. Volunteers helped to remove 323 lbs. of Tumble Mustard and 244 Russian Thistle (Tumbleweeds). Thank you to all of those who helped out! If you are interested in attending the next work party in October, email us at dtpc@pacbell.net


Marine Corps postpones plans to translocate 1,185 tortoises for training grounds

                                                                              Photo Credits: Freya Reder ©