What’s New

Spectrum News Story

Recently the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area was featured in a short story by Spectrum News out of Palmdale. Check out the story here:


Outreach and Education Events

Find us at the following upcoming events and meetings for information about us and the desert tortoise:

April 29, 10:30-5:30 – California City Desert Tortoise Days (California City Central Park)

New Merchandise!

8" and 11" plush tortoises

8″ and 11″ plush tortoises

We are now selling plush tortoises in two sizes: 8″ and 11″. These items will also be sold at the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area during the spring naturalist season. Buy them here. We have also launched a new “Adopt a tortoise” program.


                                                                              Photo Credits: Freya Reder ©